PoE-24V/PoE-24VS Injector and Splitter

10/100M -TX Power over Ethernet Adapter
PoE-24V Injector- input DC 24V/1A
PoE-24VS Splitter- DC Output 12V/1A, 9V/1.2A, 5V/2A
1. Description:
DANTEK PoE-24V Injector inserts current into the unused wires in a standard network cable(pin: 4, 5, 7, 8) to allow the cable between PoE-24V Injector and PoE-24VS Splitter to transfer power and network signals simultaneously.
- When positioning network devices, system designers always have to consider the location of power outlets. In some cases, this will restrict the optimum placement of devices or incur additional cost in installing new outlets. Dantek's PoE-24V/PoE-24VS offer the solution of these problems.
- Using the Dantek POE-24V/POE-24VS adapters, you can power most DC network devices (hubs, Wireless access points, cameras etc) over the same Cat 5/5e cable used to connect the device to the network.

2. Features
• Provides 24V low-voltage DC power over existing Category 5 cabling to a device with an Ethernet port
• Distance up to 100 meters
• Protects devices from possible damages due to power-surges
• Three different output voltage options (5V/2A, 9V/1.2A, 12V/1A) to fit various devices
• Work with EIA568, category 6, 5-pair cable for 10Base-T or 100Base-TX, Ethernet / Fast Ethernet network
3. Technical Specification
Product  Description
PoE-24V Injector
PoE-24VS Splitter
2 RJ-45
Data / Data + Power out
2 RJ-45
Data + Power in / Data
Ethernet data rate
10/100M bps
Number of devices that can be powered
Ethernet data cable
TIA/EIA-568,Category 5/5e/4 cable
POE Category 5 pin power usage
+ : pin 4,5     - : pin 7,8
voltage , maximum current
Input DC 24V ,1A
(over RJ-45 UTP cable)
Output: DC 5V/2A
DC 9V/1.2A
DC 12V/1A
Dip switch
1 for DC voltage selection
LED indication
1 Power LED
1 Power LED
Dimensions (L*W*H)
62mm x 42mm x 21mm
Operating environment
Temperature :0~50 degree C
Humidity: 5~95%(non-condensing)
4. Applications
Dantek PoE Save Your Power Infrastructure Cost
PoE allows power to be supplied to end devices, such as Wireless Access Points or VoIP Phones, directly through the existing LAN cables. By supplying the power end-span, you can centralize power distribution and backup without the need to increase infrastructure.
Please note:
1.  PoE-24V/PoE-24VS does not comply with IEEE802.3af, Don’t connect any of it to an
IEEE802.3af devices.
For PoE-24V, it will inject power all the time when it is connected with a AC/DC 24V adaptor.  It means that (pin: 4, 5, 7, 8) inject power all the time, so when you connect it into network, please make sure the safety of body and connected equipment.
POE-24VS is not an IEEE802.3af complied device, PoE-24VS will not detect and reply the signal from 802.3af injector. As a result, the Power LED will never turns on if you connect to an IEEE802.3af injector and never power the remote device as well.
Gigabit Ethernet is not allowed to use PoE-24V/PoE-24VS products since pair 4,5 and pair 7,8 are all being used. Only 10/100M TX can apply with our PoE-24V/PoE-24VS.
For safety reason, PoE-24V/PoE-24VS will only support device with power consumption below 12watts. Please make sure the remote Ethernet device is under the range of 12V/1A, 9V/1.2A, 5V/2A.
Please by using PoE-24V/PoE-24VS together on both sides of cable all the time
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