MCR-1400 Media Converter Rack With Redundant Power 14 slots with Tow Power

  • House up to fourteen Media Converters.
  • Front Panel LED's for power and working status
  • Standard 19" Rack mount Size
  • Non-Stop Operation & Minimal Downtime
  • HOT-SWAPPABLE Media Converters and Redundant PSU with fans
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Provides two cooling fans on the right side
  • Ventilation holes on each side
  • Power Redundancy & Power Isolation: two high quality internal power supplies provided for load-sharing purpose
  • Load sharing mechanism: if one power supply fails, the redundant power supply is capable of taking over immediately
  • Converter bay power isolation ensures each bay is electrically isolated from each other
  • Over Current Protection: Fuses on PCB for each converter bay
  • Fuse on each power supply
Fourteen media converter bays
Two hot-swappable redundant PSU slots
Two power supplies with fansTwo fans on the right side of the chassis
2 LED's (1 LED each for PSU's power status)
W485 mm x D231 mm x H90 mm, Standard 19" size, 2U
8.5kg approx. (Fully fitted with fourteen media converters)
Power Input
110~240Vac, 50~60Hz or -48Vdc
Power Output
DC 5V, 20A
7A max.
Operating Temperature
0 C ~ 50 °C (32 F ~ 122 °F)
Storage Temperature
-20° C ~ 85 °C (-4° ~ 185° F)
Emissions Compliance
CE Class A, FCC part 15 Class A
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