MCR-1600 Video Converter Rack Power AC 220V 8 slots

Product Applications:
DAN2U-8A series 19-inch Video Converter chassis is designed to accommodate 8 slide-in modules of various type of media converter at a central location for multiple segments cross connection. Users can transparently link backbone equipments such as 32 Video Converter segments
Product Features:
Slim 2U design to save expensive data center space
Intelligent management to efficiently monitor your critical connections
Redundant power to prevent costly downtime
Multiple choices of power, either 110~240 VAC or -48VDC to meet your application needs.All series Products are hot swappable.
Reliable products backed by years of experience in converter and optic networking
Product Specifications:
Slot Capacity
8 Slots for modular Video Converter
485x286x90mm (mountable for 19-inch rack)
Input Voltage
AC100V-AC240V and DC-48V is optional ( Internal power )
Operational Temperature
0 ℃ ~70 ℃
Store Temperature
-40 ℃ ~80 ℃
5%~95% no coagulation


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