IP Power Control Equipment Via Network

• Description
Special designed to provide power distribution and AC power control for remote equipments. Anyone with a web browser can access this power switch to perform power On, Off, Ping Function or Reboot (timed power shutdown)
• Features
This remote switch with built-in web server is ideal for home and commercial use.
By building centralized power control for power equipments, this remote power switch helps administrators control network devices or power equipments from different locations and saves companies money as technical personnel can cover larger areas and multiple remote locations without wasting time on traveling. Other benefits from employing this intelligent power distribution system including:
- Reduction of server/data center downtime and labor costs with remote power control.
- Remote power source management.
- Complete power control via web.
- Network equipment monitoring and power rebooting (autoping/power reboot).
- The auto-ping feature of this unit helps any detect failed network equipment automatically by checking the monitored network device's IP addresses periodically with ping function. Once the network equipment was found failing to respond the ping request over the user-defined event counts and preset time period, the programmed control action will be executed, and reboot failed device. Up to 3 networked systems can be continuously monitored with AutoPing setup for automatic power control upon loss of contact.
- Reliability and stability
- Built-in power supervisor, prevents the device from “hung” (no response) due to external power issues
- Watch-dog timer for reliable internal algorithm running
• Product application
- Reboot- Remote power reboot of any device like:
- Network Routers, Data Servers or Server Farm
- Kiosks, Cell Sites
- ATM Machines
- Generators
- Alert Systems/Security Surveillance/DVR System
- Lighting Equipments/Lamps
- Industrial Machinery Equipments
- Protection- Protect sensitive devices by keeping them powered off when not in use. This prevents hackers from seeing them at all times.
- Saving Energy- Power down equipment when not needed for power savings and to save on wear and tear.
- Security Notification- Power up alert devices like sirens, lamps, messages;
- Intelligent Power Management- Power up environmental system like heaters, coolers, pumps, etc. with programmed schedules.
• Easy Power Control Via Internet
The internal web server is accessible from any standard web browser. Enter an IP address and the switch may be configured and controlled via the web. Programmable HTTP Port. Its intuitive web control interface provides various important power control functions that may be accessed via internet or local network.

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